Railway Museum is constructed in the station area having a look of Cooch Behar Madan Mohan Temple.

A day view of the Railway Museum

A day view of the Railway Museum

RAIL MUSEUM is situated in Cooch Behar Railway station premises itself. There is a rail gallery having rail related photos . The premises has vintage photographs, age-old furniture, track fittings ,fixtures and other heritage stuffs. The Railways have declared the century-old Cooch Behar railway station in West Bengal under the North East Frontier as a heritage structure to preserve its historical significance.


গোধুলী লগ্নের আলোচ্ছায়ায় কোচবিহার রেল স্টেশন সংলগ্ন কোচবিহার রেল মিউজিয়াম (Evening view)


There are board where you can read through the history

History of the railway station-The Cooch Behar State Railway was a  narrow gauge railway opened in 1894 in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, presently Cooch Behar district. It was converted to metre gauge in 1910. The Maharaja of Cooch Behar Nripendra Narayan established Cooch Behar State Railway during 1893-98

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